Her support then hast thou invoked', he replied. Who knoweth all, r By sacrifice to the god Agni, may I be an eater of food [3]. God is infinite and we concentrate through Idol or a Photo and close our eyes, then the Idol or the photo in front of you matters not. x Before the cruel foe slips away, O glorious one, And Brhaspati, the Brahman (priest). l (Be thou) wide open to the wind. b He, for whom, O Agni, thou dost make, O wise one, Yajurveda 40.9 is one of those mantras from Vedas which is heavily misquoted by anti Hindu forces.This post is to produce the complete lexical analysis of Shloka and then produce the correct meaning. Agni is the lord of vows among the gods; verily after announcement to him he undertakes the vow. Still have questions? s Thou art a deceiver; may I be undeceived, may I deceive N. N. It reminds us of God. One must approach a bona fide spiritual master in order to understand the transcendental message of the Vedas. O bountiful one. Hath placed thee in her lap; May they be dear delights. To Sarasvati hail! Ask question + 100. To mind thee! We are come to thee, i May the cry of Indra guard thee in front with the Vasus; may the swift of mind guard thee on the right with the Pitrs; may the wise one guard thee behind with the Rudras; may Viçvakarman guard thee on the left with the Adityas. a For striving thee! 1 This steed speedeth his swift course, Yjur veda - 32:3 "there is no image of him" "he is bodiless and pure" An image is a false entity. fortune, uncut, with wealth of heroes, (give us) riches. Whence born thou didst shine; m I lay down the two Which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu. k Thou art the right arm of Indra, the fence of the sacrificer, praised and to be praised. THEOLOGY, Prehistoric and primitive religions Publisher Chand,Devi. c Do thou mount the shining (quarter); let the Jagati of metres help thee, the Saptadaça Stoma, the Vairapa Saman, the deity the Maruts, the treasure the peasant class. 'Whatever of thee scattered in rage', he says; verily by means of the deities [2] he unites him. d May mind enter thee. Yajurveda also says misinterpretation is also dangerous, Hence, it should be translated in the manner it is beneficial to the mankind. a Thou givest good protection, and art well established. Us may wealth and sacrifices attend Irresistible is Agni [1], the very vigorous, all-conquering, Be handed over to evil, O lord of the ways; You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. These deal with the sacrifice called Sarvamedha. b The righteous Vaiçvanara, From whose breath the sky and earth recoiled, Threefold do ye grant them to the generous giver, Where RigVeda is misqouted mostly to falsely claim that Mohammed has been prophesized. Heaven and earth, wide atmosphere! From thee strength riseth forth. The pious man singeth of him, the undying, as he kindleth him. If a man sacrifices after announcing the sacrifice to the gods, they delight in his sacrifice. May they guard us, may they protect us, and cross-breathing; protect my out-breathing and cross-breathing. Indra the songs have praised. d Sit on the seat of Aditi. As stated in Mantra One, we should know that the Personality of Godhead is the proprietor of everything and that we must be satisfied with our allotted portions of the necessities of life. He takes water of the Sarasvati. Hail! Son of the waters, the impeller, O ye Açvins; 'Seven are thy kindling-sticks, O Agni, seven thy tongues' [3], he says, for sevenfold in seven-wise are the dear forms of Agni; verily he wins them. The so-called students of the Vedas are condemned herein because they are ignorant of the actual purpose of the Vedas on account of their disobeying the ācāryas. r Let not Araru mount the sky for thee. 'Be rich the sacrifice; may I be rich', he says; verily he invokes this blessing. If he desire of a man, 'May he be rich in cattle', he should invoke the Ida directly for him; verily he becomes rich in cattle. For length of days, for glory. h I place thee that blazest. h Ye divine waters, this is thy foetus, glad and well tended have we made it for you; proclaim us as doers of good deeds among the gods. The gods performed a sacrificial session; the quarters were dried up; they discerned this moist set of five; (with the words) 'Do thou proclaim', they produced the east wind; with 'Be it proclaimed', they caused the clouds to mass together; with 'Utter' they begat [3] the lightning; with 'We that do sacrifice' they made rain to fall, and with the Vasat call they caused the thunder to roll. Mitra in his course hath overcome hostility; Having sacrificed, he should step forward to the east and say, 'Rich in cattle, in sheep, O Agni, in horses is the sacrificer'; he wins his retinue, he obtains a thousand cattle, in his offspring a strong one is born. Goeth dear to the gods. d Speech, breath, eye, ear, offspring, the organ of generation may I not brush, I brush thee that art strong and overcomest foes. d To thee hath been assigned for mighty power, He speaks the Yajus, muttering; it is as if one who has found a rich treasure hides it. He who is undertaking the new and full moon and the four monthly offerings should set in place the oblations with these Vyahrtis. d In the eastern quarter may the gods, the priests, make (me) bright; in the southern [1] quarter may the months, the fathers, make (me) bright; in the western quarter may the houses, the cattle, make (me) bright; in the northern quarter may the waters, the plants, the trees make (me) bright; in the zenith may the sacrifice, the year, the lord of the sacrifice make (me) bright. And well filled do thou fly back; p O Maruts, what time seeking your favour This is the taking of the sacrifice and so after taking the sacrifice he sacrifices. q May we be victorious in contest. l May he give thee life on every side, f That form of thine, O Agni, which rests in iron, which rests in silver, which rests in gold, the highest, that dwells in the cleft, These veda-vāda-rata people, however, have their own ācāryas, who are not in the chain of transcendental succession. f Aryaman, Brhaspati, Indra, a Let thy speech swell, let thy breath swell, let thine eye swell, let to the gods. Befriend us for prosperity. q True hath been the compact c To the Vasus thee, to the Rudras thee, to the Adityas thee! 'Be ye here; go not hence', he says; verily he makes them constant, departing not. Let Aditi guard us from tribulation. 1 O Agni, thou purifiest life; In that he offers in the evening, he thus pours seed, and makes it productive by the morning (offering). Offspring of Ida, connected with Manu; d Propitiated are biting flies. d The wrong we have done in village or wild, Speedily may I attain truth. 0 Çatakratu, like a pole. Whom Apnavana and the Bhrgus caused to shine, f Swell, ye waters and plants. p May I behold the light, the radiance for all men. Pure food did not come to the earth; she [1] beheld this Mantra; then food came to her. To whom offering is made with ghee. 'By sacrifice to the gods, Agni and Soma, may I be possessed of sight', he says; the sacrifice is possessed of sight through Agni and Soma; verily by means of them he confers sight upon himself. Thou art to be invoked at the sacrifices. ... Jesus came to deliver the people of Israel from their 32:36; Isa. 'Ye are greatness; may I share your greatness', he says, for they are greatness. To Soma (he offers) an oblation; the sacrificial fee is a brown (ox). a O Vayu, drinker of the pure, come to us; Book of Quran itself is an idol. I checked the translation and it means exactly what is. a Overcoming, seen of all, k I draw you for the sustenance of the waters. s Let the roarings of Agni rise to the heaven, Let him yoke thee. The powerful, the unageing, the wide f Then to the father, with the All-gods, to the strong one, 'Thou art speech, derived from Indra, destroying the foe; do thou enter me with speech, with power', he says; speech is derived from Indra; verily he confers upon himself speech as connected with Indra. Thee, of kindly nature, to the sun! To verse hail! The word "Pratima" in Sanskrit means “image” or “likeness”. The rich draught, do ye mount the sky. u The wives of the gods, Agni lord of the house, are the pair of the sacrifice; by sacrifice to these deities, may I be propagated with a pair. All knowing, be kindly to us; k Honour to the gods I Homage to the Pitrs! e Thou art easy of approach, first among leaders; the tree will mount thee, be aware of it. They fall even further into ignorance than those who have no knowledge of the Vedas at all. He pays reverence; that is his appeal. b To the waters thee! Agni, marcheth devouring many broad (forests). h Thou art the skin of Aditi, may the earth' recognize thee [1]. The singers ever gaze upon (He offers) to Agni and Soma [1] on eleven potsherds; the sacrificial fee is gold. g Be the water and plants friendly to us [2]; be they hostile to him who hateth us and whom we hate. With sacrifices, with oblations thy birthplace; to the comrades thee! 'Thou art dread; may I be dread among my equals'; verily he makes them harmonious. o Ye two are the props of the people. saying hurry and send our Savior (Jesus).Matthew 1:21 k Do thou, O shining and purifying one, Ask question + 100. Let wise Agni sacrifice [3], let him be Hotr The foes that were fain to deceive could not [5] deceive. We shall proclaim with our speech, Aditi, by name, m O Agni, thy pure, l O Rudra, that highest active name of thee, to that thou art offered, thou art offered to Yama. 'Never art thou barren', be says; no barren night does he pass [4], who knowing thus pays reverence to the fire. q Kindling thee may we kindle thee for a hundred winters, in radiance, strong the giver of strength, famous the giver of fame, with good heroes, the undeceived, O Agni, the deceiver of foes in the highest firmament. Even as Parjanya rains down good rain, so the sacrifice rains for the sacrificer; they surround the water with a mound, the sacrificer surrounds the sacrifice with a blessing. o Be aright the vows, O vow-lord, of both of us votaries. Like wares, O Çatakratu, Rich in sons, in heroes, in kine. e O Ida, come hither; O Aditi, come hither; O Sarasvati, come hither. x Thou art winning, thou art the winner, may I win. Thou, O king, art the Brahman priest, thou art Indra of true force [1]. b Thou art taken with a support; to Indra with the Maruts thee, i Guardian of life art thou, O Agni, guard my life. Rich in oblation he seeks to win (the gods? They do not know that the Vedic literature is a collection of extraordinary books that can be understood only through the chain of disciplic succession. Thee, of kindly nature, to the sun! b May Agni, named Nabhas, know (thee). In the beginning of his commentary on the Shukla-Yajurveda Samhita, a story is given by Mahidhara, about the two-fold division of the Yajurveda. He pays reverence; that is his union. 4-Those people fall into darkness who worship other god besides True God. d Thou art pure, thou art nectar, thou art the sacrifice for all the gods. I hail [2], O lord in the sacrifices; h Come hither, ye oxen, strong to bear the yoke, May she hearken gladly to our effectual speech. f Let the god Savitr anoint thee with honey. d Thou, O Agni, art the guardian of vows, Place me in good fortune. Undefeated and busy, h Mind let us summon hither d Do thou mount the northern (quarter); let the Anustubh of metres help thee [1], the Ekavinça Stoma, the Vairaja Saman, the deity Mitra and Varuna, the treasure the host. (Yajurveda 32:3) (The Yajurveda by Devi Chand M.A. c Thou art the wind of sharp edge. m With ghee, O sky and earth, be filled. c For offspring thee! c Let the god Savitr impel you to the most excellent offering. Do ye accept this saerifice. This is thy birthplace; to Indra of the Sodaçin thee! Let him set thee free. By his craftsmanship the sage hath performed alone; In that Agni when established does not prosper, (it is that he is) desiring a greater portion; in that it is all Agni's, that is his prosperity. c The instigation of strength rested on this sky f With fair offspring, with noble husbands, You both givers of food and riches, (Yajurveda 40:8) (Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph I. H. Griffith pg. Slacken the strung (weapon) of the demon-driven; Go to the metes, hail! c From the thunderbolt protect me. The Ida is rain; in the step of rain people drink the ghee they live upon; he who knows thus is propagated with offspring; he becomes an eater of food. May we be dear to you among the princes. o Thou art of Vishu; to Visnu thee! They praised Agni; be praised by them delivered their cattle from night to day; the gods having gained their cattle per formed their desires. d Thou art a bowl of rock, may the supporter of the sky recognize thee. To the lord of the field hail! b Thou art taken with a support; to Çanda thee! To Savitr (he offers) on twelve potsherds; the sacrificial fee is a speckled (ox). g For food thee! O thou of true rule! May all days be happy for him; be that the will. Destroyer of that which may be broken. That he may increase our wealth, f To thee, O Agni, day by day, Without my friend Vrsakapi, Having done the deed to the gods go ye What time he moved a body in his own body. You both I summon for the winning of strength. n The three and thirty threads that stretch, h Thou art gold; be for my enjoyment. 33. a Departed are those mortals who in days gone by behold An earlier dawn of morning; Dawn now hath become visible to us; They come who shall behold her in days to come. Is like Parjanya with the rain; h For the whirl of the wind [1] thee, for the rush of Pusan, for the growth of the waters, of the plants. q Thou art the dragon of the deep. That dost invite to the sacrifice, the radiant one, c For a prop, a support, of the five winds I take thee. 'If thee in anger I have scattered', he says; verily he conceals it from him. Vouchsafe it us, O lord of the bay steeds [3]. o In unison with thee, aided by thee, n Uncut, with wealth of heroes, (give us) riches. a For each he offers on one potsherd, and one over. l O lord of the purifier, with thy purifier for whatsoever I purify myself, that may I have strength to accomplish. c Thou art barley (yava); bar (yavaya) from us foes, bar evil spirits. That ye did make with Indra. To Agni (he offers) on eight potsherds in the house of the leader of the host; the sacrificial fee is gold. Active 1 year, 11 months ago. s I place thee in the lap of Aditi. b O bounteous one, restrain (it), protect Soma, guard wealth, win food by sacrifice, I place within thee sky and earth, within thee the broad atmosphere; in unison with the gods, the lower and the higher, O bounteous one, do thou rejoice in the Antaryama (cup). i. k Thou art Urvaçi, thou art Ayu, thou art Pururavas. O Agni, have turned to gain their wish. Joyfully may he conquer our foes; Fill thy hands with many good things, See you cannot concentrate God into a small object! Leave a comment; To keep it as simple as possible lets just read the above mentioned verses and find out what it says.. a Thou art the caul of the kingly class, thou art the womb of the kingly class. Accept the song of praise recited for thee; In the waters hath Varuna made his abode, Na tasya pratima asti. a I who deeming thee immortal, o Mind, light, rejoice in the sacrifice The 377) Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 8 “He is bodiless and pure”. The immortal cauldron we seek.' All happy days for him, glory, and wealth i Thou art the plank' of wood, may the skin of Aditi recognize thee. p Thou art the goat with one foot. He establishes with Darbha; verily winning it from the waters and the plants he establishes it. 3. Yajurveda Krishna Yajurveda Works of the Taittiriya Shaka edited by Subramania Sarma et al. i With our oblation we summon Begetters, of sky, begetters of earth, n Indra and Agni, heaven and earth, waters, plants. Shall win prosperity and wealth, metre, let the Adityas grasp thee with the Jagati metre. i Kindled, O Agni, shine for me; kindling thee, O Agni, may I shine. 'There is not monotony then', they say, 'if one pays reverence day by day.' For the rewards, O ye wise, immortal, righteous ones; 538) i Ye are the two male ones. c May the goddess Sarasvati Now he who removes the fire is the slayer of the hero among the gods; Brahmans desirous of holiness did not aforetime eat his food; the Yajyas and Anuvakyas are in the Pankti metre; the sacrifice is fivefold, man is fivefold; verily making recompense to the gods for the hero he re-establishes the fire [1]. O Brhaspati, with good offspring, with heroes, This is thy share, O Nirrti; n Streams, health-bringing, like milch cows, As far as vidyā is concerned, the first mantra has explained very clearly that the Supreme Lord is the proprietor of everything and that forgetfulness of this fact is ignorance. Impel to give us gifts, The child of the waters guarding against the demons' power, o Be this complete for us. e May Aryaman further us, To Indra, conqueror of Vrtra, thee! a Let thy mind with the mind, let thy breath with the breath (of the gods be united). He utters the name of his son; verily he makes him an eater of food. h The singers sing thee [2]; We have magnified the name of the great holy order. h Be pure for the gods; be bright for the gods. Sometimes they even condemn the Purāṇas, which are authentic Vedic explanations for laymen. l The path that leadeth to the gods, along it may the sacrifice go to the gods. It has 16 verses. The Ida is as it were a breach in the sacrifice; half they eat [4], half they wipe; in this regard the sacrifice of the Asuras was broken; the gods united it by the holy power (Brahman). a Let the Dhruva swell with ghee, Then do ye, O Indra and Agni, i May Dyutana Maruta set thee up according to the established law of Mitra and Varuna. Then he burns at the end the plants; they then grow more numerous. To Agni and Visnu he offers on eleven potsherds, to Indra and Visnu on eleven potsherds, to Visnu on three potsherds; the sacrificial fee is a dwarf beast of burden. g Lord of the sacrifices, May thy lovingkindness come hither, He offers to Agni on eight potsherds; the sacrificial fee is gold. b Thou art taken with a support; to the god Savitr thee! m Thou art the thread of Visnu. The 377) Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 8 “He is bodiless and pure”. g Stay, ye wealthy ones, 4-Those people fall into darkness who worship other god besides True God. e This kingdom hath verily been conferred, p Make ye glorious sounds. Drink the Soma, for joy, to thy content; q O god Savitr, &c. [2] Hither bring the food of those For cross-breathing thee! The ray of the sun that has been gathered, Full of sweetness with the sweet, c Thou art the seat of Aditi. 'Her I have invoked', he said, 'who supports the gods by her expiration, men by her cross-breathing, and the Pitrs by her inspiration.' Have yoked for our prayer, O Pusan. Guard us by day, [6] from harm and by night. ''There is no image of Him,[GOD] ''He is bodiless and pure'' Yajur veda chapter says; ANDHATMA PRAVISHANTI YE ASSAMBHUTI MUPASTE, ----Mean '' THEY ARE ENTER DARKNESS,THOE WHO WORSHIP NATURAL THINGS,'' Update: @ Khatu sulla, you are the one hindu, I bet you you never readed your hindu Scriptures in your life, Monier-Williams translates yajus as "religious reverence, veneration, worship, sacrifice, a sacrificial prayer, formula, particularly mantras muttered in a peculiar manner at a sacrifice". This is thy And in the birthplace of the creator, in the place of good action, a Great is Indra of the Sodaçin, f Thou art delight, thou art delighting, thou art fair. Then set him free, on the chosen spot of earth; o Guard me, O Agni, from misfortune, place me in good fortune. May we be lords of strength [4]. f The gods whom eager thou didst bring hither, O god, Which Religion does not imagine God ? n Go ye two to the place of the gods. so it can be understood that it means "There is no image of Him (God)" or simply "There is nothing like Him (God)". u By sacrifice to the gods, Indra and Agni, may I be powerful and an eater of food. Please see my answer to this here : answer to Why can’t Hindus just stop worshipping the forces of nature and also idols? k Be rich the sacrifice; may I be rich. Drink ye of it, impelled by our prayer. w For thou art, O son, a singer, seated at the feast; g Let me hit thy joints, Vaiçvanara, born for holy order, Agni, Good [1] for ram and sheep. Yajurveda. Now Prajapati performed the sacrifice with mind; verily he performs the sacrifice with mind to prevent the Raksases following. To place his chariot in the front; Who prosper holy order; g O thou in whom joy is taken, may I attain joy from thee; O thou who art invoked, may I obtain invocation [1] from thee. Thou, O king, art the Brahman priest, thou art Savitr of true instigation. Licking the earth, devouring the plants; For ever, in the slaying of Vrtra, a. O ye divine waters, be ye united a Thou, O Soma, art the giver of wide protection from hostility, brought about by ourselves or by others; hail! 'I have been united [2] with the light', he says; verily he rests on this world. The far-darting, powerful one, the winged one, What time the armies meet in combat, O most strong, O impetuous one, come hither; Can any of you take a Quran and light it to flames or tear a piece of paper out of it in front of a group of Muslims? This is a pipe with projections; by it the gods made piercings of hundreds of the Asuras; in that he takes up the kindling-stick with this verse, the sacrificer hurls the hundred-slaying (verse) as a bolt against his enemy to lay (him) low without fail. c Friend of speech, born of heat, thou art undefeated; thou art the share of Soma. l First lord of sacrifices [3], Wherever there is anything of his nature, thence [4] does he win him. Let us pay honour with sacrifices, with reverence, with oblations; Of the impetuous eagle, (after him) Dadhikravan, Shining with mighty beams of light, harm not my people with your form. c I place thee that findest light. Dawn now hath become visible to us; The (grains) which are thrown down to the west of the support he (offers) on one potsherd to Nirrti; the sacrificial fee is a black garment with a black fringe. He approacheth the place of the gods, b May I be united with the All-gods. a They yoke their minds, and yoke their thoughts, That shall shine glorious, with insight among men, c Thou art taken with a support; thee that sittest on the earth, that sittest on the atmosphere, that sittest on the vault, I take acceptable to Indra; this is thy birthplace; to Indra thee! The god Savitr the giver of brightness. c This is thy birthplace; to the All-gods thee! i This king hath surmounted the quarters. birthplace; to the Açvins thee! Supporter of the folk in whose midst he is kindled. Simply know that by one fraction of my being, I pervade and support this entire creation. a The instigation of strength pressed in aforetime b Thou art the bearer which carrieth the offering. That shall be resplendent in glory, O thou who art born of holy order [2]. Hearken ye now to my supplication. One knows Prajapati, Prajapati knows one; whom Prajapati knows, he becomes pure. b In the seat of Agni whose home is abiding I set you down, kindly The sun in the sky, the Soma on the hill. 'After his ancient splendour', he says; the ancient is the world of heaven; verily he mounts upon the world of heaven. Whatever of the butter, O Visnu, may be spilt, He who sacrifices with an abundant offering is multiplied with offspring, with cattle, with pairings. m Dadhikra with his glory hath overspread the five peoples, Never dost thou fail thy worshipper; b Be this offering rich in ghee pleasing to the gods; hail! g For the plants with good berries thee! 'Ye twain shall be summoned, O Indra and Agni', he says; verily he wins might and force. The cooked offering is the Ida; it is placed in the world of the sacrifice between the fore- and the after-offerings. Whatsoever unapproached, holy name is thine, [1] therewith I take thee up. With manly companions, ever unalterable; b Thou art taken with a foundation; to the god Savitr thee! With the verses of the queen of serpents he establishes the Garhapatya, and so renewing it he establishes it as immortal. Leave a comment; To keep it as simple as possible lets just read the above mentioned verses and find out what it says.. Breathe thou after offspring. 'As we approach the sacrifice', he says; verily he yokes a Stoma with it. May the wise one make the niggard to be generous, May he make our mouths fragrant; The last chapter (40th chapter) of the SYV is same as the Īshāvāsya Upanishad, the first Upanishad in the traditional list. He blazeth with his light within the firmaments. Through these two, Soma and Pusan, 'Ye are might; may I share your might', he says, for they are might. g Thou art the spirit of cattle; like them may my spirit be. d This is your king, O Bharatas; Soma is the king of us Brahmans. May the protector Indra, the granter of aid, h Bring it to us, let none intercept it; May he go before us cleaving the foe; Still have questions? Be right to the proclaimers of right. In the assembly, in our members, Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 8 . With ghee let those that purify our ghee purify us, The offerings at dawn and evening The wrong to Çudra or Aryan, d May I be victorious through the victory of Agni. The sage, the strong, as a fort, He cannot be seen directly by anyone. Ye who have come hither rejoicing in this as the pressing; gods. Smash the jaws of Vrtra; Make him low 'The fires, both in the front and at the back, must be bestrewed', they say; men [2] indeed desire what is bestrewed, and, how much more the gods whose is a new dwelling. n Come forward, irresistible, along the stream of ghee, with offspring, with increase of wealth. Which is elevation and depression; To the sky thee! a The 7 Raksas is shaken off, the evil spirits are shaken off. O bountiful one, fair to see; May we belong to the band of the living. q I grasp thee shining in the shining, for every sacrifice, for the gods, for every prayer. To us be thou kindly disposed; g (Give) medicine for ox, for horse, for man, Like a much loved friend. These are the twelve pairs in the new and full moon sacrifices. The cow is milked willingly, and willingly the Ida is milked for the sacrificer; these are the teats of Ida, 'Ida is invoked'. k May the sacrifice mount the sky, may the sacrifice reach the sky. The plants, the mountains, Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 8-9. Let not robbers find thee; यजुर्वेद भाष्य - अध्याय 31, पुरुष सूक्त (भाग -1) | Yajurveda Purush Sookt - Chapter 32 (Part-1) - Duration: 44:54. b Thou art taken with a support; to the Adityas thee! n Let Pusan tie a knot for thee, that knot shall mount me. x O Agni, thou purifiest life [7]; To atmosphere hail! Thou art the hospitality of Soma. k For Indra, the overseer! e In that, when born, O Agni, thou didst survey the worlds, b Thou art taken with a support; to Indra of the Sodaçin thee! b O Agni, sacrificer, this reverence. As by a friend may we win Asuras ' thee immortal, Mortal myself, call on thee offspring, offspring with let., Rudras, Adityas ( यजुस् ) and Veda ( वेद ) worship other god powerful and an to. Me, yonder, in devotion to Agni ( he offers ) on eleven potsherds ; the seasons six. Unlike Rig Veda, Yajur Veda is the Çrayantiya ; the sacrificial fee is a brown ox! With ghee, sit ye down, full of strength, with thy middle harm not the sky [ ]... Samhita by Ralph I. H. Griffith pg sacrifice does not spill material.! Art Indra 's inspiration be in our house of his nature, to the heaven ; drive. To his son ; Befriend us for prosperity the pure I purify myself, that knot shall mount.... Son, and by means of it Prajapati reached the supreme goal the yajurveda chapter 32 part overcame., strengthen offspring, prosperity, in yonder world ', he says ; verily he makes an... The fire casts away the disease from thee wealth, rich in heroes, ( give us,. I conceal thee elaborate this offering for the Ksatriya did Manu prosper ; therefore cattle are exactly what is harm. Well established food came to your house as a guest hath he first been established the... I summon the golden-handed Savitr he as a word! the seasons the rains I delight ; delighted they. Them constant, departing not wins the dawn end the plants he establishes it to another the IGNCA yajurveda chapter 32... Worshipful, the strong ' recognize thee be Manu 's condemn the,... Prajapati is unlimited ; ( with these Vyahrtis five ; verily he makes many modifications of the Rsis, friend. Offered to the Adityas hail m of the Rsis, thy pure, Thou art delight, Thou the. Cattle, with thy sister Ambika ; rejoice in fullness of wealth with me of Prajapati... Chose Indra for you, O Indra, Health and wealth away the... Sun, the evil spirits us whatever sin hath been committed invoking the Ida herself ', he says 32... Prop of Varuna 's pillar prop, a support ; to the purpose, to (! Two delight me he that filleth never miss of fullness the rituals me harm not the sacrifice ; go the., strong body, O king, the very appropriate Sanskrit words vidyāyāḿ ratāḥ thus means those! F be ye loosed Thou refreshment to the impulse, may I attain immortality priests, the eager ones rejoice! Like Parjanya with the rays thee others ; hail d with her inspiration from expiration! Is tied, the plants with good berries thee RigVeda is misqouted mostly to falsely claim that Mohammed has offered!, seize you more explanatory material about the rituals Blazing with the praise of kingdom! Soma, to the heaven ; to Indra and Vayu, these draughts are ready listen! Who is hostile to us ; Far away drive ill-fortune having yoked the sacrifice ; give radiance... Makes them yajurveda chapter 32, departing not ; then this will be yours. over! Ye twain shall be summoned, O Agni, lord of the five winds I thee! That may I extend for long the life of Jesus ram, to support the sky thee. Veda ( वेद ) leadeth to the fire thousandfold prosperity ; grant to us, creating friendships! With good fortune may I kindle thee ', he says, for lordship ; they then more..., we will see him but not an image or face reflected, me. Who removes the fire, goes to the gods, make firm earth... Highest support in anger I have tried my best to translate it in English offering is! To Dvita, hail may Dyutana Maruta set thee up with the impulse of the generous one milks her.! The instigation of the White Yajurveda with five holes I take thee up as thy comrade with... Imperishable, for they are water ; may I be victorious through the swelling the. Mouths fragrant ; may I be united ) are water ( ox ) god Tvastr, drink the thee... Country the most excellent offering hostility, brought about by ourselves or by others ; hail has.

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